COVID-19 Guidelines for measures against infectious diseases

Guidelines for measures against new coronavirus infections

2021.8.31 Revised

Regarding the response to new coronavirus infectious diseases, we take the following measures with the safety and security of our customers and employees as our top priority.
Although there are various restrictions compared to the past, we ask for the understanding and cooperation of our visitors.

  1. Alcohol disinfectant is installed in front of the entrance and in the main parts of the building.

  2. At check-in, we check your temperature and verify your identity.

  3. If the customer’s physical condition shows symptoms such as fever, after obtaining the customer’s consent, we will contact the relevant organizations such as the health center and take appropriate measures while asking for instructions.

  4. For the time being, we will give you an alcohol disinfectant solution for each room and you can use it freely.

  5. We have installed an acrylic plate on the front to reduce splashes when responding.

  6. We thoroughly manage the health and wear of employees’ masks.

  7. In order to reduce the chance of contact, we will not accompany you to the guest room.

  8. Supper is basically provided in a private room. In the case of a large hall venue, we will support each group with a wide space (about 2 m).

  9. The secondary party with karaoke and the lobby lounge are closed for the time being.

  10. Breakfast is served in a buffet style.
    With the cooperation of reducing the use of common items and wearing masks and gloves, we are working to take measures such as increasing the distance between seats.
    ↳ Please check this article

  1. Free samples in the shop corner are suspended.

  2. In the large communal bath, we regularly ventilate the dressing area and the communal bath. In addition, we are working on three-cs measures such as reducing the number of undressing baskets and setting a limit on the number of people.

  1. We thoroughly disinfect the areas that are touched by the hands of the common space with alcohol.

  2. We will inform you about the reasons for your cooperation, including the guest rooms, on the bulletin board. (Elevator three-cs avoidance, how to use Western-style toilets, etc.)

  3. For guests with a large number of guests, we will respond after consultation in advance such as dinner style.

  4. In addition, we are taking measures with reference to the guidelines for the Japan Ryokan Association.

Please note that the content of the measures may change depending on the future situation.