Cuisine information


Bespoke food

Please feel free to order a kaiseki meal plus one item.

Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance as the ingredients may not be available.

* We may not be able to accept your order due to purchasing.
* Prices include consumption tax.
* Please contact us if you have any other requests.

Introduction of liquor


Akita Daiginjo Mitane drink comparison set 1,600 yen

1. Junmai Daiginjo Chokaisan
2. Takashimizu Daiginjo
3. Kita Akita Daiginjo
We will provide 3 types of 60 ml glasses.


Akita’s local sake Mitane drink comparison set 1,400 yen

1. Takashimizu Daiginjo
2. Kariho
3. Yukino bosya
We will provide 3 types of 60 ml glasses.


Fugu fin liquor 800 yen

It is a luxurious dish “Fugu fin sake” that you can enjoy the taste of blowfish with delicious sake.

* Limited quantity.
We recommend that you make a reservation as it may not be available on the day of the event.

Children’s lunch


It is an image of a children’s lunch for infants.

Please refer to it when making a reservation.