Hot springs and large communal baths

Mysterious hot spring Satomi hot spring

Satomi’s hot spring is a sodium chloride spring.
It is popular as a “Beauty hot water” that makes your skin smooth, and as a “warm hot water” that keeps your skin warm and warm.
Please enjoy the gentleness of the famous hot spring.

Source name: Akita Onsen Motoyu

Large communal bath usage time 11: 00-9: 30 the next morning (Sauna 15: 00-21: 00)

■ Source name
Akita Onsen Motoyu
■ Analysis date of hot spring ingredients
August 18, 2014
■ Hot spring quality
Sodium-chloride hot spring (hypertonic alkaline hot spring) (former spring quality name: boric acid-containing salt spring)
■ Hot spring temperature
Source 39.4 ° C
■ Indications for bathing
● General indications for recuperation springs
Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles or joints (chronic phase of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, nerve pain, fifty shoulders, bruise, contusion, etc.), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, decreased gastrointestinal function (stomach leaning, stomach upset, Intestinal gas buildup, etc.), mild hypertension, abnormal glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or pulmonary emphysema, hemorrhoidal pain, autonomic instability, stress-related symptoms (sleep disorders, etc.), Post-illness recovery period, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health
● Indications by spring type
Cuts, peripheral circulatory disorders, poor circulation, depression, xeroderma
■ Contraindications for bathing
● General contraindications to hot springs
Severe heart or lung illness, swelling that may make you suffocate with a little movement, if you have significant physical weakness such as active phase of the illness (especially when you have a fever), active tuberculosis, advanced malignant tumors or severe anemia. Acute exacerbation of chronic illness when there is severe kidney illness, digestive tract blood, visible bleeding
● Contraindications by spring quality
Not applicable
■ Add Water
■ Warming
Warm to keep the temperature suitable for bathing
■ Circulation filtration
Uses a circulation filtration device for hygiene management
■ Bath salts
■ Disinfection
Chlorine-based chemicals are used to meet the standards of the Akita Public Bath Ordinance

One-day bathing

Feel free to enjoy a day trip bath at Satomi’s large communal bath ♪

■ Business hours
11: 00-18: 00 (reception closes 17:00)
* It may not be available due to maintenance, etc. Please understand.

■ Fee
Junior high school students and above 1,000 yen (tax included)
Elementary school student 650 yen (tax included)
Free for children under elementary school age

☆ With face towel ☆
If you need a bath towel, please bring it with you.
(Bath towel rental is 350 yen)


Relaxation Room Aqua Satomi Branch

We carry out a unique branching and rationale method that cannot be found anywhere else.

Relaxation is based on oriental medicine and cleans your body! For good health! Is the motto.
By stimulating the acupoints along the pathways, lymph and muscle flow, it promotes blood circulation and removal of waste products in the body, and has the effect of adjusting the rhythm of the entire body.
It will also enhance the natural healing power and immunity of human beings.
Please experience the effect in the healing space “Aqua” of the mind and body.

* Relaxation room Aqua service is a relaxation service.
It is not a medical practice (similar) for the purpose of treatment such as massage, massage, and acupressure.
* If you feel any abnormalities or pain during the service, please contact the relaxation therapist on the spot.
Please note that Relaxation Room Aqua will not be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses that occur outside the store after the service or for which the causal relationship cannot be proved by a doctor.

The trial 10-minute course is 1,000 yen!

リラクゼーションルームアクアfoot care

リラクゼーションルームアクアbody care

foot care
30 minutes … 3,500 yen
Rejuvenate your tired body from the inside!
Removes tiredness from the soles and internal organs.

body care
40 minutes … 4,500 yen
60 minutes … 6,500 yen
Rejuvenate your tired body from the outside!
For stiff shoulders, back pain and headaches.

Total care
70 minutes … 7,500 yen
Energize your tired body from both inside and outside!
A recommended course that combines body care and foot care.

* Aqua Satomi Branch is closed every Tuesday.
* All prices include tax.
* Aqua is not a medical practice.

Akita Onsen Satomi 50 years ago


This is an advertisement for “Akita Onsen Satomi”, which was newly opened in 1963.
The hot springs erupted in the Soegawa area of Akita City, where “Akita Onsen Satomi” is currently located, in the 2nd year of the Taisho era, more than 100 years ago.
The quality of the spring is very popular when it gets warm and tired, and the skin becomes smooth. After that, after the prosperous period as a hot spring resort and the middle of the war when it was forced to close, it was revived as “Satomi no Yu” in 1958. There is history.

Published by Yamajin Publishing Department
From “Showa 38th Edition Akita City Housing Schedule”