A new room has been created

Recently, as the number of customers who want a bed room is increasing, we have renovated 3 Japanese-style rooms in the East Building into Japanese-Western style rooms.
It is a spacious 1-room type room of 27.5㎡ with 2 semi-double beds made by Simmons, a bed brand loved as “the bed of the world”.

I will briefly introduce the new guest room with an image.

Ryukyu tatami mats are laid out in the space of 4.5 tatami mats, so you can stretch your legs and relax.


We installed a 50-inch 4K LCD TV, which is the largest in Satomi’s guest room and has high image quality and high sound quality.
YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. are also on the buttons on the remote control, so it’s easy to watch.


You can also work with your own computer in the space next to the TV.
If necessary, we will lend you a free HDMI cable to connect your TV to your computer and a headset with a microphone.
If you have a request, please contact the front desk.


The Japanese and Western rooms have Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) exclusively for the room.
It can also be used for worcation on the stable Internet.



The Japanese and Western rooms also have a double washbasin and a bath that can be used by two people side by side.

In addition, bead cushions, air purifiers, etc. are installed, so it seems that you can spend comfortably.