Odate / Animoriyoshi district tourist information

Odate / Ani Moriyoshi district

Visit Matagi Village by one-car train and enjoy the blessings of the mountains




Moriyoshi is known as one of the 100 famous mountains of flowers.
Various alpine plants are in full bloom throughout the season, and flower fields spread out on the east side of the mountaintop, Yamajindaira.
Autumn leaves spread over the vast Moriyoshi mountain, and huge rime trees line up in winter.
Please enjoy the spectacular scenery of each season.

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Ani Gondola

Mt. Moriyoshi, one of the 100 famous mountains of flowers. Alpine plants in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and rime on trees in winter are beautiful.
If you take the gondola of Ani Ski Resort, it takes about 15 minutes to reach the summit.
You can overlook a wonderful view.

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Akita Inu no Sato

In May 2019, a tourist exchange facility for Akita Inu opened in Odate City.
There are plenty of exhibits related to Akita Inu, such as the roots and characteristics of Akita Inu and stories with celebrities from overseas!
The stuffed toy tower, which is a stack of more than 160 popular stuffed animals modeled after the “Masaru” presented to Russian skater Alina Zagitova, is a spectacular photo spot.

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Daidaiko no Yakata

Don’t miss the Takanosu drum, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records and has a maximum diameter of 3.8m.
The torso is 4.52 meters long and weighs an amazing 3.5 tons!
At the Taiko Museum in Takanosu Road Station, unique taiko drums collected from all over the world are on display.

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Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo

The Akita Inland Line, a third-sector railway that runs about 94 km connecting Takanosu and Kakunodate.
For sightseeing from the railway line, there are places where Moriyoshiyama, which is also famous as “Mountain of Flowers”, and Matagi culture, which is a master of traditional hunting in Akita, remain, and it is not only for locals but also for tourists. It is being used.
Mountains, valleys and waves of rice ears dyed in autumn colors.
I am fascinated by the scenery that jumps into my eyes one after another.

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Taihei Lake

Taihei Lake is an artificial lake with a circumference of 30km, an area of 195ha, and a depth of 58m created by the completion of the Moriyoshi Dam. And crowded with anglers.
The tour boat “Moriyoshi Maru” will operate from the opening of the lake in June during the fresh green season, and will guide you to the unexplored Komata Gorge until the autumn leaves season in October.

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Kuma Kuma Park

Kuma Kuma Park is the only black bear and brown bear zoo in Tohoku, located in the mountains about 10 minutes from the national highway, between Takanosu and Kakunodate.
You can give a treat to the black bear and see the brown bear playing in the water in a place that you can reach through the glass.

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