Oga / Hachirogata area tourist information

Oga / Hachirogata district

The hometown of Namahage is full of warmth!




It is a scenic spot that represents Akita overlooking the rough Sea of Japan.
The landscape due to the erosion of the Sea of Japan and volcanic activity, such as the west coast where cliffs and strange rocks are continuous, and the crater (mar) created by the phreatic eruption of magma, is a masterpiece.
Beautiful viewing spots such as the center of the peninsula protruding into the sea, the view from Mt. Kanpu and the evening view of the coastline are popular.

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Namahage Museum

In addition to introducing the folk event “Namahage” and the climate and culture of Oga with images and real things, there is also a corner displaying various Namahage masks and costumes in about 60 districts of the city.
Wearing a mask and costume and taking a commemorative photo will make you feel completely namahage.
Don’t miss the big screen where you can see the images of Namahage.

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Mt. Kanpuzan

A view spot with an altitude of 355m and the entire mountain covered with beautiful lawn.
At the top, there is an observatory that rotates with the floor where you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama, and you can enjoy a vast panorama overlooking the entire Oga Peninsula such as Cape Nyudo, Shinzan, and Motoyama, as well as Akita City and Hachirogata.

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Oga Aquarium GAO

More than 10,000 marine life of about 400 types are exhibited, and the large aquarium and underwater tunnel that reproduce the sea of Oga are eye-catching.
You can’t miss the swimming of Akita fish Hatahata and the lovely appearance of polar bears, Gota and walnuts.

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Oga Shinzan Tradition Hall

The Namahage experience is held throughout the year for the purpose of preserving and handing down the Namahage event.
Set in a bender about 100 years ago, you can see Namahage visiting and admonishing people up close.
Valuable materials are available at the adjacent Namahage Museum, so you can get a common admission ticket.

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Ogata Village Reclamation Museum

A museum where you can easily learn about the history and culture of the Hachirogata reclamation project using dioramas and screens.
You can learn about Hachirogata and Ogata Village, including history, culture, struggles, exchanges, and the future.

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