Shirakami / Noshiro Yamamoto area tourist information

Shirakami / Noshiro Yamamoto district

Satisfied with the bounty of the mountains and seas by touching the natural beech forest in the mountains of the World Natural Heritage



World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains

It is a mountainous area with virgin beech forests that straddle Akita and Aomori, and 16,971 ha of this area was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1993.
The world’s largest pristine natural beech forest remains here, and a wide variety of plant communities can be seen, and a diverse ecosystem is formed, including rich flora and fauna based on beech forests. It has been.
Although there are restrictions on entering the registered area, you can fully enjoy walking outside the registered area, such as the Dakedai Nature Observation and Educational Forest, which will impress visitors.

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五能線 リゾートしらかみ

Gono Line Resort Shirakami

A 147.2km long railway connecting Higashi Noshiro Station in Noshiro City and Kawabe Station in Aomori Prefecture.
The view of the Sea of Japan and the primeval beech forest from the train window is refreshing.
The new resort Shirakami “Aoike formation” equipped with an eco-friendly hybrid will run fast.

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Kaze no Matsubara

It is a sabo forest planted in the middle of the Edo period, and is one of the largest black pine forests in Japan with 163 Tokyo Domes and 7 million black pine trees over a distance of about 14 km. It is one of the five major Matsubara scenic spots in Japan.
Approximately 7 million black pine trees that have been planted and raised by human hands have been planted since the Edo period to prevent sand from flying due to the harsh sea breeze, and continue to protect the town of Noshiro and the people who live there. I am.
There are promenades on the premises.

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Shirakami Mountains World Heritage Center “Fujisatokan”

A walking base in the Shirakami Mountains, a World Heritage Site.
A visitor center established to make the world heritage area widely known and to protect the abundant nature of the Shirakami Mountains.
In addition to preparing various materials related to Shirakami, a nature advisor is stationed to provide guidance and commentary.

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Dakedai Nature Observation Education Forest

A showcase of the world’s largest primeval beech forest “Shirakami Mountains” that stretches over 12 ha.
You can observe the growing process from beech seedlings to mature trees and mossy rocks.
Sidewalks and toilets are also maintained, making it suitable for exploring Shirakami.

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Noshiro Energium Park

PR building of TEPCO Noshiro Thermal Power Station. There is a lot of content such as a tropical rainforest botanical garden that uses the waste heat of a thermal power plant, an exhibition corner where you can learn about the natural environment and resource energy, and a Nebu Nagashikan that introduces the Noshiro summer festival “Nebu Nagashi”.
Don’t miss the tropical botanical garden that uses the heat of the power plant.

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