Yokote / Yuzawa / Kurikoma area tourist information

Yokote / Yuzawa / Kurikoma district

A town with mountains and rivers is a hot topic for historical romance and local gourmet food



Kurikoma National Park

An area centered on Mt. Kurikoma, which has a vast foothills that straddles Akita, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures.
It is said that the season of autumn leaves is especially beautiful, and trekking is also popular.
There are many wetlands and there are many attractions such as moss swamps and tundra areas.


Nishimonai Bon Odori Hall

“Nishimonai Bon Odori” is an important intangible folk cultural property of a country where the dancer’s dance wearing indigo-dyed yukata and end-sewn costumes is beautiful.
Men and women of all ages will dance ondo and jinku to the flute and drums for three days from August 16th in the Bon festival.
In addition to showing the Bon Odori dance on a large screen, costumes are also on display.
You can also enjoy a performance of Bon Odori once a month.

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Kawatsura Lacquerware Traditional Crafts Museum

A museum of Kawatsura lacquerware with a long history and tradition of 800 years.
The 1st floor displays about 800 items from chopsticks to furniture, and the 2nd floor displays the Kawatsura Lacquerware Museum and 30 murals made of lacquer work and lacquer work.
We are holding a “Maki-e / Shinkin Experience Class” where you can actually experience the craftsmanship.

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Akita Furusato Village

An all-weather theme park where you can experience Akita’s food, culture, art, handmade experiences, souvenirs, and events.
A lot of fun such as the largest planetarium in Tohoku!

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Yokote Masuda Manga Museum

This is the first time in Japan to introduce the work of Takao Yaguchi (the author of “Fisherman Sanpei”), a manga artist from Yokote City! It is an irresistible museum for manga lovers with the theme of manga.
In addition to exhibiting original drawings, we will also focus on preservation and disseminate the charm of Japan’s proud manga culture to the world.

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One of the Three Holy Mountains in Japan, along with Osorezan and Tateyama.
It’s like hell with sulfur everywhere.
The basin of Kawarage Oyutaki becomes a natural hot spring bath in the summer.

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Townscape of Masuda district

In Masuda, which prospered as a merchant town, the buildings of the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras remain, and many of them have more than 40 “built-in” covered with scabbards, making it a rare townscape in Japan.
What makes Masuda special is that those houses are still used in everyday life.
At Masuda, some of the built-in parts are open to the public.

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